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The following tips and advice are intended to help you improve your photography. There is however no magic bullet to creating good pictures but hard work, perserverance, a little knowledge and acquired skills will all help - oh yes and a bit of good luck always helps. 


Enjoy your photography. Don't expect great results if you are not feeling enthusiastic about the shoot. 

TIP 2 

Try and try again. Not always possible I know especially with travel photography, but of you can consider visiting again and again the same location, You will be surprised how much the image will change with lighting, seasons and with your outlook on that day. 


Look for those leading lines. The edge of the road starting in the bottom left hand corner and driving straight or curving gently into the focal point of the image.


Think about a focal point to the image. Something which the viewers eye will rest on or even be drawn to. Many otherwise good images are spoilt because there is simply nothing to hold your interest (sunsets are notorious). 


Read and Learn. There is a huge amount of helpful material out there. some recommendations are

(i)  Ton Ang books are excellent 

(ii)  Subscribe to http://www.picturecorrect.com/about/


 TIP 6

Know your rights. See Photographers Rights